Salat al-Kifaya


The ritual prayer for sufficient protection [salat al-kifaya] consists of two cycles [rak'atan], which may be performed at any time whatsoever.  In each cycle [rak'a], the worshipper must recite the Opening Sura of the Book [Fatiha] one time, "Qul Huwa'llahu Ahad [Say: 'He is Allah, One!']" ten times, and:

Allah will give you sufficient protection against them; He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.  (2:137)

fa-sa-yakfi-ka-humu 'llah : wa Huwa 's-Sami'u 'l-'Alim.

--fifty times.  Then, having pronounced the salutation, he should offer the following prayer of supplication [du'a'] :

O Allah!  O All-Merciful One!  O Most Beneficent One!  O Most Compassionate One!  O You who are glorified in every tongue!
ya Allah : ya Rahman : ya Mannan : ya Hannan :ya Musabbahan bi-kulli lisan :

 O You whose hands are extended, offering all that is good!
ya Man yada-hu bi'l-khairi mabsutatan :

O Protector of Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) from the confederates!
ya Kafiya Muhammadan (salla 'llahu'alai-hi wa sallam) al-ahzab :

O Protector of Abraham (peace be upon him) from the fires!
wa ya Kafiya Ibrahima ('alai-hi 's-salam) an-niran :

O Protector of Moses (peace be upon him) from Pharaoh!
ya Kafiya Musa ('alai-hi 's-salam) Fir'awn :

O Protector of Jesus (peace be upon him) from the cruel tyrants!
ya Kafiya 'Isa ('alai-hi 's-salam) al-jababira :

O Protector of Noah (peace be upon him) from drowning [in the Flood]!
wa ya Kafiya Nuhan ('alai-hi 's-salam) al-gharaq :

O Protector of Lot (peace be upon him) from the lewdness of his people!
wa ya Kafiya Lutan ('alai-hi 's-salam) fuhsha qawmi-h :

O Protector from everything, but from Whom nothing can be protected!
ya Kafiya min kulli shai'in wa la yukfa min-hu shai' :

O Protector of 'A'isha (may Allah be well pleased with her) and of Asiya!
ya Kafiya 'A'ishata (radiya 'llahu 'an-ha) wa Asiya :

Protect me from mighty affliction due to anything at all, so that, with Your Mighty Name "the Almighty," I may have nothing whatsoever to fear and dread.

ikfi-ni 'azima 'l-bala'i min kulli shai'in hatta la akhafa wa la akhsha ma'a 'smi-ka 'l-'azimi 'l-a'zami shai'a.


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