Sirr al-Asrar

Contents Page number (in the original Arabic text)

2. Preface.

5. Sections of the book and their subjects.

6. Introductory account of the beginning of creation.

11. The seven meanings of "child."

13. First section: The return of the human being to his original home,
by three stages.

16. The real human being, the saint [wali], and those endowed with charismatic talents [karamat].

17. Second section: The reduction of the human being to the lowest of
the low. The meaning of contemplation and acts of worshipful service.

18. The tree of the affirmation of Oneness [tawhid] and its fruit.

19. Third section: The shops of the spirit in the body. Division of knowledge into knowledge on the tongue and knowledge in the inner core.

24. Fourth section: The number of the sciences [‘ulum]. Explanation of the Sacred Law [Shari’a], the Spiritual Path [Tariqa], Direct Knowledge [Ma’rifa] and Reality [Haqiqa].

28. Fifth section: Repentance [tawba] and verbal instruction [talqin].

29. Occurrences of the affirmation of Oneness [tawhid] in the Qur'an.
How Gabriel (peace be upon him) instructed the Prophet (peace be upon
him) in remembrance and the profession of faith.

33. Inner knowledge [‘ilm batin], all forms of direct experience, and exoteric sciences.

36. Sixth section: Concerning the people of spiritual culture [tasawwuf]. The difference between the ascetics and the people of intimate knowledge. 38. Meanings of the term tasawwuf.

40. Seventh section: Practices of remembrance [adhkar]. 41. The child of inner meanings, and the perfection of its spirit.

42. Eighth section: Prerequisites of remembrance [dhikr].
The saying of the Messenger (blessing and peace be upon him): "The believers do not truly believe...."
His saying (peace be upon him): "My eyes may sleep, but my heart never sleeps."
His saying (peace be upon him): "If someone dies in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will send two angels to teach him in his grave...."

44. Ninth section: Concerning the vision of Allah (Exalted is He).
Commentary on His saying (Exalted is He): "The likeness of His Light is that of a niche in which there is a lamp...."

47. Tenth section: Concerning the veils of darkness and the veils of light.
Commentary on His saying (Exalted is He): "If someone is blind in this world...."

49. Eleventh section: Concerning bliss and misery.
His saying (Exalted is He): "If someone produces a good deed, he shall have ten just like it."

50. His saying (Exalted is He): "As for him whose scale is heavy, he shall inherit a pleasing life...."

51. Twelfth section: Concerning the spiritual paupers and why they are called Sufis.

52. The five tokens of bliss. The tokens of misery.

56. The four domains, the spirits, the manifestations, and the intellects.

60. Thirteenth section: Concerning ritual purity [tahara]. Inner purity and outer purity.

61. Fourteenth section: The prayers of the Sacred Law and the Spiritual Path.

62. The brain, by the soundness of which the whole body becomes sound, etc.

62. Fifteenth section: Purity of direct knowledge in the realm of complete detachment. Purity of direct knowledge of the attributes, and of direct knowledge of the Essence.

65. Sixteenth section: The alms-due [zakat] of the Sacred Law and the Spiritual Path. Generosity and bankruptcy.

67. Seventeenth section: The fast [sawm] of the Sacred Law and the Spiritual Path.

68. Eighteenth section: The pilgrimage [hajj] of the Sacred Law and the Spiritual Path.
His saying (Exalted is He): "Perform the Pilgrimage and the Visitation for Allah...."

69. His saying (Exalted is He): "And anyone who enters it is safe...."
His saying (Exalted is He): "Purify My House for those who circumambulate."

72. Nineteenth section: Concerning ecstasy [wajd] and pure serenity.
His saying (Exalted is He): "Whereat creeps the flesh of those who fear their Lord."
The meaning of His saying (Exalted is He): "So give good tidings to My servants."

76. Twentieth section: The practice of seclusion and isolation.
His saying (peace be upon him): "The Muslim is someone from whose hand and tongue the Muslims are safe...."

80. Twenty-first section: The litanies [awrad] of the practitioner of secluded retreat.
The tahajjud prayer.

84. Twenty-second section: Things that happen during sleep and slumber.

His saying (Exalted is He): "Allah has fulfilled the vision for His Messenger."

93. Twenty-third section: The people of tasawwuf: the Sunnis and the innovators.

96. Twenty-fourth section: Concerning the final conclusion.

97. Reflection on His saying (Exalted is He): "And My mercy embraces all things."

98. The scope of the selves [nufus], their will, etc.

99. Conclusion to the publication.

101. Table of contents.

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