Qala'id Al-Jawahir

(Necklaces of Gems)

Table of Contents
(Excerpts Below)

by Shaikh Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Tadifi al-Hanbali on the Marvelous Exploits of the Crown of the Saints, the Treasure-trove of the Pure, the Sultan of the Saints, the Sublime Pivot, Shaikh  Muhyi'd-din 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with him).

Contents Page (In original Arabic Text)
2.   Preface
3.   His birth (may Allah be well pleased with him).
4.   His studies (may Allah be well pleased with him).
5.   His entering the service of his Shaikh.  The Shaikhs he met.
6.   His arrival in Baghdad.
9.   Repentance of highway robbers at his hands.
11. His sojourn in the deserts and ruins.
12. His friendship with Sh. Hammad ad-Dabbas.
13. The Prophet (peace be upon him) spits in his mouth.  His walking
      on air.
16. His pupils and his intercession for them.
17. What he said about al-Hallaj.
18. Jews and Christians embrace Islam at his hands.
20. The Sultan's opposition to him.
22. His saying:  "My foot is on the neck of every Saint of Allah."
26. Increase of the Tigris in his days.
27. His poetry.
31. The jinn obey his orders.
33. The jurists examine him.
34. His conversation with the serpent.
     * What has been handed down concerning his mediation
      (may Allah be well pleased with him). *
37. Consensus concerning those who have powers of life and death.
38. His giving of legal opinions according to the Shafi'i and Hanbali
40. His supplications (may Allah be well pleased with him).
41. Mention of his wives (may Allah be well pleased with him).
42. Mention of his children (may Allah be well pleased with him).
44. Mention of his grandchildren (may Allah be well pleased with him).
49. History of this composition.
51. Mention of his offspring in Hama.
55. His offspring in the village of Ya'u in the district of Aleppo.
55. His offspring in Cairo / in Baghdad.
56. Destruction of the zawiya ('convent') in Baghdad.
56. Sultan Sulaiman orders the rebuilding of the Baghdad zawiya.
59. His sermons in sessions [majalis]; his exhortations.
64. His words concerning the Supreme Name of Allah.
65. Eulogy of him by Shaikh Ahmad ar-Rifa'i.
68. Withdrawal of the barbarians from Baghdad at his command.
76. His performing the dawn prayer with the ablution of the night prayer.
78. Marvels of the Shaikhs who praised him, incl.: Sh. Abu Bakr ibn Hawara?
79. Sh. Muhammad ash-Shanbaki
80. Sh. Abu'l-Wafa' Muhammad Kakis
81. Sh. Hammad ad-Dabbas
82. Sh. 'Azzaz ibn Mustawdi'
83. Sh. Mansur al-Bata'ihi / Sayyid Ahmad ar-Rifa'i
85. Sh. 'Adi ibn Musafir
90. Sh. 'Ali ibn al-Haiti
92. Sh. Abu Ya'z al-Maghribi
93. Sh. Maslama as-Saruji
94. Sh. 'Uqayl al-Manbaji
95. Sh. 'Ali ibn Wahb ar-Rabi'i
96. Sh. Musa az-Zuwali
98. Sh. Abu'l-Najib as-Suhrawardi
100. Sh. Abu Muhammand ibn 'Abd al-Basri
102. Sh. Abu'l-Hasan al-Jawsaqi * Benefit of supplications answered *
104. Sh. 'Abd al-Rahman at-Tafsunji
105. Sh. Baqa ibn Batu
106. Sh. Abu Sa'id al-Filawi
107. Sh. Matar al-Badhirani
        Sh. Majid al-Kurdi
108. Sh. Abu Madyan al-Maghribi
109. Sh. Abu'l-Barakat Sakhr
110. Sh. Abu'l-Mafakhir 'Adi ibn Abi'l-Barakat
        Sh. Yusuf al-Hamadani
111. Sh. Shihab ad-Din 'Umar as-Suhrawardi
112. Sh. Jakir al-Kurdi
113. Sh. 'Uthman al-Qurashi
114. Sh. Suwayd as-Sanjari
115. Sh. Hayat ibn Qays al-Harrani
116. Sh. Abu 'Uthman ibn Marzuq al-Bata'ihi
117. Sh. Muhammad an-Na''al - Sh. Qudayb al-Ban al-Mawsili
120. Sh. 'Umar ibn Mas'ud al-Bazzaz
121. Sh. Makarim an-Nahr Khalisi
122. Sh. Khalifa an-Nahr Malaki
123. Sh. 'Abdullah Muhammad al-Qurashi
126. * Useful remedy against dyspepsia *
127. Sh. Ibrahim al-A'zab
128. Sh. 'Ali ibn Idris al-Ya'qubi
129. Sh. 'Abdullah al-Jubba'i
130. Sh. Abu'l-Hasan 'Ali as-Sabbagh
134.*Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir's Birthday *

Conclusion of the Book with mention of some of his marvelous exploits.

135. Eulogy of him by 'Izz ad-Din ibn 'Abd as-Salam
136. Eulogy of him by al-Yafi'i in his History
137. His sitting to give advice in the year 251.
        Eulogy of him by Muhyi'd-din an-Nawawi
138. Ode in his praise by Qadi Abu Bakr.


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