Khamsatta 'Ashara Maktuban - 5

The Fifth Letter

Concerning the significance of the immediate presence [ma'iyya] of Allah (Exalted is He), and the fact that His knowledge (Exalted is He) embraces all things.


My dear friend!

When the suns of our spiritual experiences [ma'arif] rise from their points of ascension in the skies of our innermost beings, the earths of our hearts will be illumined by the light of:

And the earth will shine with  the light of its Lord. (39:69)
wa ashraqati 'l-ardu bi-nuri  Rabbi-ha.

--and the coverings of the darkness of ignorance will be removed from the eyes of our minds, with the ointment of:

But now We have removed from  you your covering. (50:22)
fa-kashafna 'an-ka  ghita'a-ka.

The eyes of our inward intellects will then be dazzled by the radiant emanations of the lights of holiness [al-quds]. Our processes of thought will wonder in amazement, at the disclosure of the marvelous secrets of the realm of the spiritual kingdom [al-malakut].

Excited by the thrill of ardent love [al-'ishq], the seeker will go a-wandering in the deserts of the quest. Then, in the sites of nearness, the raptures of yearning [ghalabat ash-shawq] will become familiar to him, and the herald of:

Allah is truly Bountiful  toward mankind. (10:60)
inna 'llaha la-Dhu Fadlin  'ala 'n-nasi.

--will proclaim:

And He is with you wherever  you may be. (57:4)
wa Huwa ma'a-kum aina-ma  kuntum.

Once he has discovered the secret of 'togetherness' [al-ma'iyya], the seeker will lose his personal existence, in compliance with the dictate of:

And do not set together with  Allah another god. (51:51)
wa la taj'alu ma'a 'llahi  ilahan akhar.

As soon as he has plunged into the sea of the personal extinction [fana'] of:

No part of the matter is your  concern. (3:128)
laisa la-ka mina 'l-amri  shai'un.

--so that he may obtain the jewel of the affirmation of Oneness [tawhid], the waves of solicitude [ghaira] will fling him into the ocean of sublimity ['azama]. Each time he makes for the shore, in the plight of bewilderment, he must say:
My Lord, I have wronged  myself, so forgive me! (28:16)
Rabbi inni zalamtu nafsi  fa-'ghfir li.

--for then he will be picked up by the rescue vessels of the kind favors of:

And We have carried them on  land and sea. (17:70)
wa hamalna-hum fi 'l-barri wa  'l-bahri.

--and they will set him down on the beach of the the tender kindness of:

We visit with Our mercy whom  We will.  (12:56)
nusibu bi-rahmati-na man  nasha'u.

They will hand him the keys to the treasure houses of the mysteries of:

And Allah is always  encompassing all things. (4:126)
wa kana 'llahu bi-kulli  shai'in Muhita.

--and they will point out to him the indications of:

And that unto your Lord is  the final destination. (53:42)
wa anna ila Rabbi-ka  'l-muntaha.

He will thereby come to know the meaning of:

And He revealed to His  servant that which He revealed. (53:10)
fa-awha ila 'abdi-hi ma awha.

--and he will understand the implication of:

Indeed, he saw one of the  greatest signs of his Lord. (53:18)
la-qad ra'a min ayati  Rabbi-hi 'l-kubra.


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