al-Ghunya Three Virtues


Concerning the vital importance of (1) repentance [tawba], (2) sincere devotion [ikhlas], and (3) the abandonment of hypocritical display [riya'].

Of all the religious observances and acts of worship that we have already discussed, such as fasting [siyam] in certain months, the offering of animal sacrifice [udhiyya], the performance of ritual prayer [salat], practices of divine remembrance [adhkar], and so on-as well as those we shall be discussing later, if Allah (Exalted is He) so wills-none will be accepted except after repentance [tawba], purity of heart, sincere devotion [ikhlas] to working for the sake of Allah (Exalted is He), and the abandonment of hypocritical display [riya'] and the effort to gain a reputation [sum'a].

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