Al-Fuyudat al-Rabbaniyya

(Emanations of Lordly Grace)

Contents of the book

The names of our master, ‘Abd al- Qadir al-Gilani
(may Allah sanctify his innermost being);
also called the Plea for Help [al-Isti’ana]

The Ghawthiyya
received by way of heart-inspiration [ilham qalbi]
and spiritual disclosure [kashf ma'nawi]

Wird Da'wat al-Jalala
Litany of the Invocation of Sublime Majesty

Wird as-Subh
Litany of the Daybreak

The manner of Shaikh 'Abd al- Qadir's salutation to the men of the Unseen (rijal Al-Ghaib)

Wird li-Dhahab at-Ta'ab
Litany for relief from weariness

Hizb an-Nasr - 1
The Recital of Victory

Hizb an-Nasr - 2
A Second Recital of Victory 

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