al-Ghunya Prayers - Tuesday

4. Concerning [voluntary] ritual prayer performed on a Tuesday
[salat yawm ath-thalatha'].


According to a traditional report transmitted by Yazid ar-Raqashi, on the authority of Malik ibn Anas (may Allah be well pleased with him), Allah's Messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) once said:

If someone performs ten [voluntary] cycles of ritual prayer [raka'at] on a Tuesday, in the middle of the day--reciting the Opening Sura of the Book [Fatihat al-Kitab] once in each cycle, the Verse of the Throne [Ayat al-Kursi]  one time, and "Qul Huwa'llahu Ahad [Say: 'He is Allah, One!']" three times--no sinful error will be recorded in his debit column for seventy days.  Then, if he dies before the seventy days are up, he will die as a martyr [shahid], and he will be forgiven the sins of seventy years.


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