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    The Most Beautiful Names of God     
(Al-Asma' al-Husna)
by Jama'a Majhula - $11.00 Tape/12.50 CD

A chanted recital of the 99 Names of Allah. Vocals only; men and boys Track 2: The Boundless Grace of al-Qur'an Audio tape and CD.
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    Necklaces of Gems
(Qala'id al-Jawahir)
by Shaikh Muhammad ibn Yahya at-Tadifi (d. A.H. 963) - $29.95

A Biography of Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with him); on the Marvelous Exploits of the Crown of the Saints, the Treasure-trove of the Pure, the Sultan of the Awliya', the Sublime Qutb, Shaikh Muhyi'd-din 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani.
This is the life story of the man who has been called the Sultan of the Saints (awliya') of Allah. In the history of the Saints of Islam, Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir stands out as being unique, in the broad scope of perfection that includes his lineage, his complete development, piety, knowledge of the religion and adherence to the Sacred Law (Shari'a), his intimate and direct knowledge of the Divine, and his establishment by the Lord of All the Worlds at the level of Reality (Haqiqa). In this extensive biography we are given vivid glimpses of his charismatic exploits (karamat), many of which seem to defy the ordinary rules of nature. The book is also a small history of more than forty of the Shaikhs of his time, his companions of that day and age, as well as a description of his children, grandchildren and descendants.
Translated into English by Muhtar Holland.
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    The Call to the Believers in the Clear Qur'an
(Nida' al-Mu'minin fi 'l-Qur'an al-Mubin) - $35.00/39.00

by Shaikh Ahmad Fathu'llah Jami, the Shaikh of the Shadhili Order, the native of Mush [in Eastern Turkey], the Khalidi by descent, the Shafi'i by school of Islamic Law, the resident of Marash. In the clear and Glorious Qur'an, eighty-nine verses [ayat] bear the explicit address: "O you who believe [ya ayyuha 'lladhina amanu]." The author provides a thorough and enlightening commentary for each and every one of these. This is the first book in our "Living Shaikh Series." 968 pages.
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    Emanations of Lordly Grace
(al-Fuyudat ar-Rabbaniyya)
by Isma'il Muhammad Sa'id al-Qadiri - $29.00

A collection of the work and explanations of Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with him), that includes definition and attributes of the seven selves [nafs], an explanation of the names of the seven stations [maqamat], the creed ['aqida] of the Supreme Helper (may Allah be well pleased with him), the meaning of the names of the Qadiriyya order, the remarkable virtues of al-Jilani the Qutb, the names of our master, 'Abd al-Qadir, litanies [awrad] for the taming of hearts and for emergency situations; how to offer the greeting of peace [salam] to the men of the unseen [Ghaib] and much much more.
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